Anno 2002
ISBN 9788813237646
Legal essay
218 pagine
Language: Italian
Author: Cosimo Scarpello

Archiviazione (Dismissal) is the end of investigation without prosecution.
A monographic coursebook which deals with the end of investigation without prosecution according to italian criminal law.
The book contains the most significant judgments of the Supreme Court of Italy, the main doctrinal statements and the new regulations which deal with his topic in order for students and legal professionals whom it's meant for to keep up to date easily and continuously .
Its simplicity and clarity writing allow everybody to read and to understand the contents very quickly.

The book is written only in Italian and is not available anymore, however it can be found in the major law libraries.

Causation and professional medical activities: a new judgment of the Supreme Court of Italy relating to the determination of causation in the professional medical activity.

Article on the Judgment no. 1957/99 of the Supreme Court of Italy. The judgment establishes a new legal guidance regarding the determination of causation in the professional medical activity.
(Law review online, 1999).

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Diritto penale, giurisprudenza e casi pratici

Anno 1998
ISBN 9788838712760
Legal treatise
1178 pagine
Language: Italian
Collective work by Ugo Di Benedetto

DIRITTO PENALE, GIURISPRUDENZA E CASI PRATICI ('CRIMINAL LAW, JUDGMENTS AND PRACTICAL CASES') is a work designed for lawyers, managers of public administration, the judiciary, the judicial hearing officer for examination candidates and, more generally, for all those who are going to face a competition that requires a thorough knowledge of Criminal Law, is a work that analyzes in a systematic way the general part of italian Criminal Law and the major crimes of the special part, with particular attention to the crimes against the public administration, against the administration of justice, the crime of "False", "Bankruptcy" and "Sexual Violence." The work highlights the developments in case law and takes into account recent legislative interventions: the Act of 16 July 1997, n. 234, who typed with greater stringency criminal offense of "Abuse of Office"; the new legislation on "Sexual Violence" mentioned in the Law of 15 February 1996, n. 66; the Law of 23 December 1993, n. 547, introduced into the Criminal Code in order to adapt to new circumstances in the field of computer crimes; all those provisions of law which have a significant influence in criminal matters. What characterizes the text and differentiates it from other books of Criminal Law, making it particularly original and useful, is the constant attention to the most recent case law.

The book is written only in Italian and is not available anymore, however it can be found in the major law libraries.

Chapters by Cosimo Scarpello:

VII: Il nesso di causalità ('The causation'), p. 132-150.
XXI: Il principio di colpevolezza ('The guilty'), p. 301-308.
XXII: L'imputabilità ('The imputability'), p. 311-331.
XXIII: Il dolo ('The wilful'), p. 335-352.
XXV: La coscienza e volontà della condotta ('The conscious action'), p. 372-376.
XXVI: Il caso fortuito ('The unforeseeable circumstances'), p. 379-383.
XXVIII: La responsabilità preterintenzionale ('The manslaughter'), p. 393-399.
XXXII: L'aberratio ictus ('The mistaken identity'), p. 437-448.
XXXIII: L'aberratio delicti ('The mistaken crime'), p. 451-457.