SECOP Edizioni
Year 2015
ISBN 9788898314669
112 pages
Language: Italian
Author: Cosimo Scarpello

A virtual trip into the paradoxes and contradictions of the present time, through a constant and merciless comparison with a recent past as if we were in a "correspondence of loving senses" from a poem by Ugo Foscolo.
A series of reflections and glimpses of everyday life, which will guide the reader to the bitter awareness of a distressing present moment and an uncertain future, from the viewpoint of the author who belongs to over forty generation: that generation of people unwisely called "Lost" by some Italian politicians risen to the top of state institutions.
A generation that suddenly, as if by magic, found herself catapulted into a surreal world in which humanity has lost its sense of direction. A world governed by the laws of market, of finance, of spread. The world of the Internet and social networks, victim of a deep crisis, anthropological even before that economic, dominated by alienating values that compel men and women of our time to live in poverty with deadly consequences. A synthetic and virtual world, oblivious of the true human values, in which we can no longer recognize and where we feel alone.
A world and a time in which we all feel "Lost".